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Numpy’s linalg.tensorsolve: Solving Tensor Equations in Python

Python’s powerful and versatile library, Numpy, makes even the most complex mathematical tasks a breeze. Enter Numpy’s linalg.tensorsolve() function and watch it effortlessly solve your tensor linear equations, no matter the dimensions. Tensors, the multi-dimensional arrays that extend beyond vectors and matrices, are easy to work with, thanks to Numpy and its linalg library. Packed …

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Numpy einsum()- Einstein Summations

Einstein summation is used to simplify tensors, matrices, and vector expressions. It is a notational convention. In python, numpy provides a function named, einsum() that can compute the Einstein summation either implicitly or explicitly, as specified. Numpy in the implicit mode, the einsum() function reduces multi-dimensional arrays in a simple way. When used explicitly, we …

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