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Naive Bayes Classifier With Python

Naive Bayes Classifier with Python

Naïve Bayes Classifier is a probabilistic classifier and is based on Bayes Theorem. In Machine learning, a classification problem represents the selection of the Best Hypothesis given the data. Given a new data point, we try to classify which class label this new data instance belongs to. The prior knowledge about the past data helps […]

Principal Component Analysis

Principal Component Analysis from Scratch in Python

Principal component analysis or PCA in short is famously known as a dimensionality reduction technique. It has been around since 1901 and still used as a predominant dimensionality reduction method in machine learning and statistics. PCA is an unsupervised statistical method. In this article, we will have some intuition about PCA and will implement it […]

Principal Component Analysis For Image Data

Principal Component Analysis For Image Data in Python

We’ve already worked on PCA in a previous article. In this article, let’s work on Principal Component Analysis for image data. PCA is a famous unsupervised dimensionality reduction technique that comes to our rescue whenever the curse of dimensionality haunts us. Working with image data is a little different than the usual datasets. A typical […]

Density Plots In Python

Density Plots in Python – A Comprehensive Overview

A density plot is used to visualize the distribution of a continuous numerical variable in a dataset. It is also known as Kernel Density Plots. It’s a good practice to know your data well before starting to apply any machine learning techniques to it. As a good ML practitioner we should be asking some questions […]