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Python Remove Spaces from String

Python provides various ways to remove white-spaces from a String. This article will focus of some of the efficient techniques to remove spaces from a String. Either of the following techniques can be used to get rid of the spaces from a string: By using strip() method By using replace() method By using join() with […]

Two Dimensional Array in Python

Array is basically a data structure that stores data in a linear fashion. There is no exclusive array object in Python because the user can perform all the operations of an array using a list. So, Python does all the array related operations using the list object. The array is an ordered collection of elements […]

Python Stack

A Stack is a Last-In-First-Out Linear data structure i.e. the element entered at the last will be the first element to be removed. In stack, the items are added at one end and these items are removed from the same end. Operations associated with the Stack: Push – Addition of elements into the stack Pop […]

Python Collections

A Collection is used to represent a set of similar data items as a single unit that is used to group and manage related objects. They contain data structures that are used to manipulate and store data efficiently. Python collections module provides a lot of data structures to implement different types of collections. The following […]

Python Not Equal operator

A comparison operator identifies the relationship between the operands and results into True or False. One such basic yet important operator is not equal operator in Python. It returns True if the values on either side of the operator are unequal i.e. it returns True when two variables of same type have different values, else […]

Python os module – 10 Must-Know Functions

Modules are basically pre-defined functions that help to reduce the redundancy to the code and add built-in functionalities to it. Python os Module allows us to interact and use the Operating System functionality efficiently. The os module allows us to gain access to the Operating System information. Thus, this module contains functions that serve as […]