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Django Templates

Django Templates – The Comprehensive Reference Guide

Continuing on from our Django tutorial series, let’s understand Django templates. For making a web application, you would need both the front end and the back end. It will be quite confusing if we mix these both. Django provides us with a very powerful way to keep the HTML/CSS front end codes completely separate from […]

Django Admin Site

Complete Basics of the Django Admin Site

Django comes with a very powerful admin interface. This takes up the information regarding models from and reverts back a quick-simple model-centric interface. In the admin interface, the users can interact with the Model table and perform tasks like adding/deleting elements, etc tasks in a very easy and efficient way. Also, Django gives us […]

Django Views

Django Views – A Beginners Guide

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss more on the Django views and what types of views we can have for our webpage. Also, we will get more information about what exactly we did in the in our last article on Django URL mapping.  What exactly is a view? View function or simply […]

Django Project And App Structure 1

Django URL mapping – A How-to Guide

In this tutorial, we are going to learn more about Django URL mapping and how to link up the URL request and the corresponding View. We will understand how and what we exactly did in the first article to display Django Hello World at the sayHello/ page that we entered at the end of the […]

Django Project And App Structure

Python Django App Structure and Project Structure

Django uses a directory structure to arrange the different parts of the web application. Now,  we will learn about the Django app structure and the project structure in further detail here. Django Project Structure This is what the default Django project structure looks like. Let’s understand the functions of the files that are shown in […]

Getting Started With Django

Django Hello World App – Getting Started With Django

This tutorial will get you started on the basics of Django. Let’s understand how we can create a hello world app on Django. What is Django? Django is a python based web framework that is used for making web applications efficiently. Note: Django is just a framework for web applications and not a Language. 1. […]