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Django Caching

Django Caching – Speed Up Your Django WebApp with Caching

In this article, we’ll implement Django caching. We will learn what cache is, why to use them, and then finally, we will code and implement caching in our Web Application. So let’s get started !! What is Caching? Caching is the process of saving the result of a time-consuming calculation so that next time in […]

Django Debugging

Django Debugging – Add a Debug Bar to your Django Webpage

In this article, we talk about how we can perform Django debugging. We will learn an important technique required in web development, known as debugging, and then further move on to learn how to add the debugger tool to our websites. So let’s get started !! The Art of Debugging No matter how professional, every […]

Django User Authentication (2)

Django User Authentication – Allow Signup and Login Using Django

In this article, we will learn Django user authentication along with the all the basics for the same. But before that let us learn little bit about websites. Static vs. Dynamic websites Let’s have a quick look at the differences between a static and dynamic website. Static Website Dynamic Website Static website displays fixed information […]

Django Admin Template (2)

Django Admin Template – Modify the Django Admin Interface

In this article, we will learn about the admin site interface and how we can modify it using Django admin template. Django Default Admin Interface The default Django admin site as you would have seen, looks like this: The default interface has minimal features and is not that user friendly. But Django does provide a […]

Django CRUD Application (2)

Django CRUD Application

In this article, we will know what Django CRUD application consists of and then later create our very own CRUD application. What is a Django CRUD application? A CRUD application is a website that deals with the CRUD-Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete operations.  A typical example of a CRUD application is a Student data application. […]

Django URL Template

Django URL Template

In this article, we will know about a critical Django Template Language tag – the Django URL template Tag and know how to use them. What is URL Template Tag? The URL template tag is a typical type of Tag in the Django Template Language framework. This tag is specifically used to add View URLs […]