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Django Project And App Structure

Django ListView – How to Create Function and Class-Based ListViews?

In this article, we will learn about Django ListViews. What is a Django ListView? Django ListView refers to that type of view which shows the instances/ elements present in a Model Table. It is used to display the multiple entries present in the Database and also allows us to add up new data. Therefore, you […]

Django Class Based Views

Django Class-Based Views – How to Build Class-Based Django Views?

In this article, we will learn how to use Django Class-Based Views with our Django REST API and then later change our function-based views to the Class-Based one. Difference Between Class-Based Views vs. Function-Based Views In the earlier article, we made the entire Rest API webpage using function-based views. Using function-based views, we can’t extend […]

Django Rest API

Django REST API – From Basics to Implementation

In this article, we will know about APIs, Django REST APIs, the HTTP methods, and then in the last, create our very own first REST API application. What is an API? API is short for Application Programming Interface and it allows you to interface with other applications and pull/process/push data and values when required. To […]

Django Upload Files

File Uploads to Django – How to Upload Files to Django Server?

This article covers the exact steps that you can follow to upload files to Django server. Most web applications and websites allow users to upload their profile pictures, or files from their local computers to the server. We’ll replicate the same in our tutorials tutorial. Let’s find how to upload and handlefiles and images onto […]

Django Forms

An introduction to Django Forms

Django Forms are a way to accept user input as text, images, or files from the web frontend. The straightforward example of forms that we came across was the Django admin site’s login page. Admin site took input text “username” and an input text “password” from us.  There are two ways to use forms on […]

Django Static Files

Introduction to Django Static Files

In our last article, we discussed Django templates. Now in this article, we are going to learn about another similar topic of Django static files. So now, if you go to any website, let’s say, then you will see a variety of pictures and colors on the webpage and not only texts.  Now in […]