Django CRUD Application

In this article, we will know what Django CRUD application consists of and then later create our very own CRUD application. What is a Django CRUD application? A CRUD application is a website that deals with the CRUD-Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete operations.  A typical example of a CRUD application is a Student data application. […]

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Django URL Template

In this article, we will know about a critical Django Template Language tag – the Django URL template Tag and know how to use them. What is URL Template Tag? The URL template tag is a typical type of Tag in the Django Template Language framework. This tag is specifically used to add View URLs

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Send Emails Using Django

In this article, we will learn to send emails using Django to users automatically via the Django mail library, an extension of the smtplib module of Python. What is SMTP? SMTP server stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is a community protocol for electronic mail transmission. SMTP consists of a set of community guidelines

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Django Form Validation

In this article, we will learn about the Built-In Django Form Validation offered as well as the Django Custom Form Validations. Prerequisites for Django Form Validation Before moving forward with Form Validation, you will need to know what Django forms and how you implement them in Django. If you are already familiar with Django Forms,

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