Adrita Das

T-Test Hypothesis in Python

There are various types of statistical tests available for every kind of study, whether it is a biological study or a population study. The Student’s T-test, or simply T-test, is another such test that is used for assessing the mean between two different groups. It is called the two-sample T-test, or with a particular value,

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Invert Elements of Boolean Arrays

Boolean arrays – they contain only True and False, yet these limited values hide immense power. With boolean arrays, you can represent complex logic, filter huge datasets, model neural networks, and much more. In Python, boolean arrays are injected with steroids thanks to NumPy, a library that exploits their full potential.  In this action-packed tutorial,

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Are Arrays Mutable in Python?

We can classify Python objects into two major categories i.e mutable and immutable objects. Mutable objects are those which can be changed or modified once they are created whereas immutable objects cannot be altered once they are created. Arrays come under the category of mutable objects. In this article, we will learn about arrays and

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