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The Bool() Method In Python

Python bool() Method: Everything You Wanted to Know

Hey there! Today in this tutorial we are going to learn about the Python bool() method. So, let us get right into the topic. The Python bool() Method The bool() method is a built-in Python method that applies the standard truth testing procedure to the passed object/value and returns a boolean value. Moreover, the bool […]

Opening File With Open() In Python

Opening a File Using open() Method in Python

Introduction We have come across the various operations that could be performed on a file using Python, like reading, writing, or copying. In performing any of these mentioned file- handling operations, it was clear that opening the file is the first step. So today in this tutorial, we are going to focus on the file […]

What Is Frozenset() In Python

Python frozenset() – Every You Need To Know

Hey there! So today we are here to discuss the Python frozenset() method. So before we get into the method, let us know what a frozenset is. What is a frozenset? A frozenset is an unordered, un-indexed, and immutable collection of elements. It provides all the functionalities that a set offers in Python, the only […]

Python Object()

What is the Python object() Method?

Welcome folks! for today in this tutorial, we are going to be discussing the Python object() method and class. So let us get started with the basic definition and syntax of the Python object() method. The Python object() Method The Python object() method, when called, returns a new featureless object of the object class. This […]

The Strptime() Method In Python

Convert string to datetime using Python strptime()

So for today, we are going to discuss how we convert a string to datetime using the Python strptime() method. Let us get started. Python strptime() Method The Python strptime() method is available in both datetime and time modules. It is used to parse a given string into datetime or time object according to the […]

Python Xrange() Method

Understanding the Python xrange() Method

Today in this tutorial, we are going to discuss the Python xrange() method. The xrange() method is only available for use in Python 2.x versions and used in loops for traversing or iterating through the sequence. Basics of the Python xrange() Method The Python xrange() method returns a xrange type object which is an immutable sequence commonly used for looping. […]