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Platform Module Title

Python platform module – Quick Introduction

Python has a Platform Module that contains functions for dealing with the platform the code is being run on. In this tutorial, we will discuss the module and look at most of its useful functions. About the Platform Module The platform module is used to retrieve information about the system or platform. We can use […]

String Formatting Title

String Formatting in Python – A Quick Overview

String formatting, as the name suggests, refers to the multiple ways to format strings in Python. In this tutorial, we will discuss the different ways and how to use them. What is String Formatting? Let us say you are writing a program that prints the square of a number. In your input, you get an […]

Variable Scopes Python Title

Variable Scopes in Python

Variable scope is an interesting, useful, and easy-to-understand concept that a python programmer must know before dealing with variables and functions. In this tutorial, we will discuss what scopes are, the types of scopes python has, and we will understand the keywords global and nonlocal. What is a scope? The scope of a function, class, […]

Fibonacci Search Title

Fibonacci Search in Python [With Easy Example]

Fibonacci Search is another divide and conquer algorithm which is used to find an element in a given list. In this tutorial, we will see how it works, how it is different from binary search, and we will implement it in python. Pre-requisites There are two topics we need to understand first before moving onto […]

Sentinel Search In Python

Sentinel Search in Python – Easy Explanation

Sentinel Search is a searching algorithm for a list of items that are stored in a sequential manner. In this tutorial, we will study how the algorithm works, we will compare it to the linear search, and we will use the algorithm to see if it works. Pre-Requisite: Linear Search Before we move on to […]

Double Ended Queue Title

Double-Ended Queue in Python

A Double-Ended Queue is a data structure that is used to store a collection of items that are meant to be in a queue. It is an extension of the queue data structure with some additional features. Pre-Requisite: Queue A queue is a data structure that is used to store a collection of items in […]