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Principal Component Analysis

Principal Component Analysis from Scratch in Python

Principal component analysis or PCA in short is famously known as a dimensionality reduction technique. It has been around since 1901 and still used as a predominant dimensionality reduction method in machine learning and statistics. PCA is an unsupervised statistical method. In this article, we will have some intuition about PCA and will implement it […]

Gradient Boosting

Gradient Boosting Using Python XGBoost

What is Gradient Boosting?
extreme Gradient Boosting, light GBM, catBoost


Infinity in Python – Set a Python Variable Value to Infinity

A simple number cannot represent your dataset? How about setting your variable value to infinity in Python? Today we’re talking about just that! While coding in Python, we often need to initialize a variable with a large positive or large negative value. This is very common when comparing variables to calculate the minimum or maximum […]

K Nearest Neighbor

KNN in Python – Simple Practical Implementation

Hello, readers! In this article, we will be focusing on the Understanding and Implementation of KNN in Python. So, let us get started!! What is KNN Algorithm? KNN is an acronym for K-Nearest Neighbor. It is a Supervised machine learning algorithm. KNN is basically used for classification as well as regression. KNN does not assume […]

Building A Single Perceptron Neural Network

Building a Single Perceptron Neural Network

Welcome. Today, we are going to cover how to build a basic single perceptron neural network. I want to make this the first of a series of articles where we delve deep into everything – CNNs, transfer learning, etc. so be sure to bookmark the site and keep checking it. Also, this will include a lot of math, so strap in.

Detection And Removal Of Outliers

Detection and Removal of Outliers in Python – An Easy to Understand Guide

Hello, readers! In our series of Data processing and analysis, today we will be having a look at Detection and Removal of Outliers in Python. So, let us get started! What are Outliers in Python? Before diving deep into the concept of outliers, let us understand the origin of raw data. Raw data that is […]