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Reverse Zipcode Lookup With Python Geocode Module

Reverse Zipcode lookup using Python geocode module

In this article, we’ll be working on the geocode module to perform a reverse lookup on different zipcodes. The entire code is pretty straightforward so we’ll be quickly going over the individual pieces. How does the geocode module help? The Python geocode module is built to process geographical data and help us pair and match […]

Encapsulation In Python

When working with an Object Oriented Programming language like Python, encapsulation in Python is one of the 4 important concepts to understand. The other three are inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction. What is Encapsulation? When working with classes and dealing with sensitive data, providing global access to all the variables used within the program is not […]

How to Open Files in Python

Python gives us file handling methods within its standard library. This is really convenient as a developer since you do not really need to import any more modules for handling files. The key methods provided to us by the Python for file handling are open(), close(), write(), read(),seek() and append(). Let’s go over the open() […]

HTMLParser in Python 3.x

html.parser.HTMLParser provides a very simple and efficient way for coders to read through HTML code. This library comes pre-installed in the stdlib. This simplifies our interfacing with the HTMLParser library as we do not need to install additional packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI) for the same task. What is HTMLParser? Essentially, HTMLParser lets […]

Creating a Python Module

So, you’ve been learning Python for quite a while now. As a beginner, it is common practice to have a one-file program that has all the code organized with the use of classes and functions. But as you get more advanced, and your code gets more complex, you need to learn to use multiple files. […]