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Hacker News

Hacker News Clone – Django

Hello Guys! In this tutorial, we will build a Full Web App – similar to the Hacker News website using the Django Web Framework. So let’s get started! About Hacker News Hacker News is a social news website run and handled by the Investment fund and start-up incubator Y-Combinator. This website mainly focusses on Computer […]

Django Extensions

Django Extensions – Installing and Implementing Extensions

In this article, we will see the Django extensions functionality to extend the functionality offered by default in Django. Various Important Django Extensions The various important extensions provided are as follows: Admin extensions Command extensions Debugger tags Field Extensions Model Extensions Validators  Powershell The detailed analysis is given in the following table 1. Admin Extensions […]

Deploy Django On Vps

All-Inclusive Guide to Deploying a Django Project on a VPS

In this article, we will learn how to deploy Django on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) using Gunicorn and Ngnix Web server software Note: In this article, I will deploy the Blog Application Project that we built in the previous article. If you have your own Project, you can use that as well.  What is […]

Django Blog App

Django Blog App – Add Bloging and Commenting to Your Django App

In this article, we will create a Django Blog App. For the uninitiated, let’s go over the quick basics of what a blog is before we get to building our own blog application with Django. What is a Blog? A blog website is an online platform where all information in discrete and informative text form […]

Django Sessions

Django Sessions – Setting up User Sessions with Django

In this article, we’re talking about Django sessions. Sessions behave and provide us with similar results as with using cookies. But saving cookies on the client-side can lead to security threats. Hence to make the process more secure, we use sessions. This is exactly what we will learn in this article – How to secure […]

Django Cookies 1

Django Cookies – Setting up User Cookies in Django

In this article, we talk about setting up Django cookies for our web applications. We’ll begin by discussing the theory and the reason behind the use of cookies and then implement cookies in Django by the end of the article. So let’s get started! What are Cookies? Cookies, technically called the HTTP cookies, are a […]