Python vs R Programming Language

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Hello learner! Today we will compare two well-known programming languages: Python vs R. We will learn a little about both the programming language and then understand the difference between the two.

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Introduction to Python Programming Language

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossem in the 1990s which emphasizes productivity and code readability. The language can be used to understand complex concepts such as data analysis and statistical problems.

The language is very flexible, simple, readable, and more user-understandable when compared to other programming languages. Nowadays, Python is being rapidly used for data science, machine learning, and Deep Learning.

Introduction to R Programming Language

R the programming language was developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1995 aiming to develop a language focused on presenting a more user-friendly way to perform data analysis, statistics and graphical modeling.

Today, R has become one of the fastest-growing and common statistical languages in the corporate world. R comes up with user-contributed documentation and a very active Stack Overflow group.

Differences between Python vs R Programming Language

1. Flexibility

Python: Creating own functions and models for the problems is much easier
R: Using the already available libraries is much easier

2. Pros

Python: Faster, more understandable, and readable to users, Easy to implement
R: R makes graph visualization beautiful, Better for data analysis

3. Cons

Python: Number of libraries are less as compared to R programming language
R: Difficult to learn and understand at the very beginning

4. Primary Users of the Languages

Python: Most of the programmers and developers go for the Python programming language
R: Mostly scholars and researchers use the R programming language

5. Major Usage

Python: Mostly used for Development and Production
R: Mostly used for Data analysis and statistic modeling

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You reached the end of the article! Good work! So now the big question is: Which programming language to use: Python vs R?

Well the answer is that the usage purely depends on your objective of the project or the program. It is also dependent on the time constraint you are given for the solution.

The gap between R and Python are getting lesser each day and mostly everything can be done using both the programming languages. But one thing remains that learning in Python is much easier than learning in R programming language.

In the end you can choose whichever suits you the best! Hope you liked the article!

Thank you for reading!