Python vs Scala Programming Language

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Hello Learner! Today we would be comparing two programming languages namely Python vs Scala. First, we would be understanding both languages individually and then move on to comparing the two with each other.

Python vs Scala – A Quick Comparison

PropertyScala Programming LanguagePython Programming Language
In terms of Performance10 times faster than PythonSlower
In terms of ComplexityScala may be a bit more complex than PythonLess complex
In terms of RefactoringRefactoring is much easierRefactoring can result in bugs in Python
Type of projectLarge scale projects.Small scale projects.
Testing of the codeTesting is much better in scalaTesting of code can get complex
Community of both the languagesGood but still less than PythonLarge community

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Introduction to Python Programming Language

Python continues to be one of the most popular open-source programming languages and is being widely used as a scripting and automation language as well. Python is a powerful, fast, easy to learn and understand language.

Advantages of Python Programming Language

  • Easy to learn and understand
  • A large number of developers prefer python over many other programming languages
  • It comes with a great number of libraries, modules, and functions
  • It also supports many built-in functions, data types, and modules.
  • It is fast and one of the best languages for beginners to start off their development with.

Disadvantages of Python Programming Language

  • Python is a dynamically typed language that makes the computer consume a little more time when compared to C, C++, or Java.
  • Along with time consumption, memory consumption is also high in the Python programming language.

Introduction to Scala Programming Language

Scala programming language turns out to be a combination of both object-oriented and functional programming approach in one single small and high-level language.

This language was originally built for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which makes it easier to support Java and also allows a developer to build high-performance systems with easy access to a huge number of libraries.

Advantages of Scala

  1. Access to JVM libraries to support Java
  2. Shares several readable syntax aspects of other popular languages such as Ruby and Java

Disadvantages of Scala

  1. The code language of the programming language can get complex as it is both object-oriented and functional programming language.
  2. Very less developers use Scala as the programming language to develop applications and models.


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