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Python is one of the most widely used programming languages. It’s getting a lot of popularity these days because of so many Python frameworks in IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligent space.

These Python Tutorials will help you in getting mastery over the Python Programming. The tips and tricks shared by us will enable you to write pythonic code with high performance, reusability, readability, and maintainability.

Python Complex

How to Use the Python complex() method

The Python complex() method is used to create a complex number from other primitive data-types. This is useful whenever you want to perform complex arithmetic and transformations quickly. Let’s take a look at how we can use this method. Syntax of Python complex() This function returns a complex number, which contains a real part, and […]

Python String Contains

Python String contains()

In this article, we’ll take a look at finding whether one Python string contains another string. How can we easily do it? Python has a built-in string method String.__contains__(), which we can use easily. Let’s look at how we can use this method. Syntax of String.__contains__() This function will take two strings, and return if […]

Slicing Arrays In Python

Understanding Array Slicing in Python

Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to understand the concept of array slicing in Python. Array Slicing Python supports the slicing of arrays. It is the creation of a new sub-array from the given array on the basis of the user-defined starting and ending indices. We can slice arrays by either of the following […]

Python Range()

Understanding the Python range() Method

Introduction Today in this tutorial, we are going to discuss the Python range() method. The range() method is widely used in Python in for loops for traversing or iterating through any sequence. The Python range() Method Rather than being a function, the range() is actually an immutable sequence type. It returns a sequence of numbers of type […]

The Index() Method In Python

The Python index() Method

Introduction So today in this tutorial, we are going to cover the Python index() method. The index() method is defined for string, list and tuple class. For strings, the method returns the minimum index at which the given sub-string occurs. Whereas for lists and tuples, the method returns the minimum index where the given object […]

Python F String Function

Understanding Python f-string

String formatting in Python can be achieved using f-string. Thus, in this article, we will be focusing on the implementation of Python f-string. Necessity of f-string in Python Python f-string basically serves the purpose of string formatting. Before the emergence of “f-strings”, we had the following ways to format strings in Python: 1. Python ‘%’ […]