Python OOPS

The Magic Methods in Python

The magic methods in Python programming language are specifically for Object Oriented Design. Every class that we create has its own magic methods. Python’s standard interpreter assigns these to every class we create inside it. So, in this article, we shall see in detail how to call and use magic methods for a better programming

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Attributes of a Class in Python

Classes are a fundamental part of the Python language. They provide a way to group related functionality together, and they play a central role in object-oriented programming. In this article, we’ll take a look at the attributes of a class in Python. Inheritance: Adoption of properties from the parent class into the child class. Polymorphism:

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Duck Typing in Python

Duck typing is a variation of Dynamic Programming and uses a form of abductive reasoning for type checking. In this article, we will focus on the main intuition of duck typing and examples of ducking typing in python. What is Duck Typing in Python? – Abductive Reasoning The term duck arguably comes from the popular

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