Firebase ImportError: Failed to import the Cloud Firestore Lib

Firebase ImportError Failed To Import The Cloud Firestore Library For Python

Import errors are one of the most common Python errors that we programmers face in our day-to-day lives. From mismatched versions of modules to the absence of other dependency modules, the reason for each import error varies from one another.

One of the most common reason for an import error is missing dependencies. For example, when you’re trying to install matplotlib, a plotting tool for graphs in Python, you will need the numpy version 1.5 or greater. If you carry out the matplotlib installation without numpy, it will be either automatically installed or it will raise an error.

Even when you try to import certain packages in your code without installing their proper dependencies, it will raise an import error.

The ‘ImportError: Failed to import the Cloud Firestore library for Python’ occurs when the google-cloud-firestore package is not installed in your Python environment. To fix this, you need to install the grpcio and grpcio-tools packages using pip. If the error persists, try reinstalling the google-cloud-firestore package

In this article we will deal with one such instance of an import error regarding the firebase library in Python. Let’s get started!

What are Firebase and FireStore?

Firebase is a backend application development environment which enables users to create software applications and web applications. It can also be used for creating games easily. It is a cloud based platform backed by google. It can host databases, authentication services along with integrating various development environments such as, android studio, iOS, Java, C++, Python, etc.

It is a NoSQL database that syncs all changes in data across all devices in real time. There are many functions that firebase offers, such as:

  • Authentication for secure signing or logging in for users.
  • Cloud messaging services for allowing businesses to send messages to their users.
  • Performance monitoring of various applications and software.
  • Analytics that determine bugs and their fixes.

Firestore is a NoSQL database management application which can be used for tracking performances and automatic scaling of software. It does not use SQL for database management hence it is differs in the way of describing the relationship between various databases.

To read more about these two tools, visit the official google documentation of Firebase and Firestore.

A brief overview to Import errors in Python

Import errors in Python are caused by a variety of reasons in Python. An import error is raised when you’re trying to import the functionalities of a particular Python package into your code, but Python is unable to locate the module in your system.

This might happen when your package is not compatible with your current Python version. Or, the imported package has a missing dependency. It can also happen if the package is not in the Or simply, if you’re trying to import a package before installing it.

Some of the rare reasons for an import error can also be:

  • A circular dependency, the imported class or module is in a circular dependency and cannot be imported. This happens when your file name has the same name as your module. To know more about circular dependencies in Python, click here!
  • The imported module has not been created or installed.
  • The imported module is misspelled.

The error: Firebase – ImportError: Failed to import the Cloud Firestore library for Python, is raised because you are trying to import firestore from firebase but you do not fulfill the requirements for installing the Firebase library. In other words, google firestore needs some other modules to be installed before it is used in projects.

The error looks something like the one shown below:

File "/home/shreya/repos/appvendor/firebase/", line 12, in <module>
    raise ImportError('Failed to import the Cloud Firestore library for Python. Make sure '
ImportError: Failed to import the Cloud Firestore library for Python. Make sure to install the "google-cloud-firestore" module.

Resolving the Firestore Import Error: Simple Step-By-Step

The Google Cloud Firestore library in Python relies on a module called grpcio, which is used for inter-process communication. It is a protocol buffer tool that can call a function or method directly from different machines on a particular server making it as easily available as a local file. This helps you in creating distributed applications and software.

The grpc requires pip version 9 or greater and python version 3.7 or greater for proper installation and functioning. It contains the protocol buffer compiler protoc.

Open your command prompt by going to your search bar and typing “cmd” and then hit “run as administrator”.

Now, run the following command.

pip install grpcio

Since you need the protoc tool, you can also run:

pip install grpcio-tools
Succesful Installation Of Grpcio
Succesful Installation Of Grpcio

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Exploring Additional Fixes for Firestore Import Errors

Some other fixes include uninstalling your existing installation of firestore and then performing a fresh installation of firestore.

pip uninstall google-cloud-firestore

And then,

pip install google-cloud-firestore

If you’re facing an error while downloading grpcio, it is time for you to upgrade your pip. Run the following command first to upgrade your pip and then try to install grpc.

pip install --upgrade pip

You can also try to just upgrade or install protobuf via your command prompt and check if your imports work or not.

pip install protobuf

Wrapping Up: The Importance of Correcting Import Errors

In this article, we have gone through the possible causes for import errors such as missing dependencies, circular dependencies, and many more. The firebase library is a very powerful tool for creating applications and database management. The fix to import errors regarding the firestore and firebase library is very simple as shown in the previous sections. There are many advantages of using a NoSQL relational database management system. So, what project are you going to develop next with the help of Firebase?