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The dateutil module in Python

While working with scripts that require real-time data, we work with the dateutil module in order to schedule or retrieve data at a particular time, or just input data with the timestamp of retrieval. Working with a lot of scripts and trying to manipulate date and time formats using the default datetime module could be […]

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PyTorch – An Easy Beginner’s Reference

Making its debut a short four years ago, PyTorch is one of the modules that took the data science industry by storm. Providing the users with well-documented code, tutorials, and examples to get started working with PyTorch, it was a huge hit in the eyes of data scientists and researchers alike. The creators of PyTorch […]

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Virtual Environments in Python – Easy Installation and Setup

Let’s talk about a very important topic for improving code compatibility – Virtual Environments in Python. You might have heard of developers talking about how some code seems to work on their system, but, doesn’t seem to work on a different one? The well known “it works on my system”. Why do we face code […]

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Automation with PyAutoGUI in Python

Let’s learn to automate tasks with PyAutoGUI in Python. Whenever we come across a task that requires repetition, we try to come up with methods specifically to avoid it. That’s human nature. Somewhere along the line of working hard on the same task, we’ve come across an idea that we can create something that functions […]

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Working with the psutil module in Python

Let’s talk about the psutil module in Python. A lot of the time working with system processes and profiling, we tend to desire an alternative to checking the system’s Task Manager to understand what the impact of our test creates. Somewhere along the line of manually checking the Task Manager for information, we come to […]

Working With Data Files In Python

How to read .data files in Python?

While working with data entry and data collection for training models, we come across .data files. This is a file extension used by a few software in order to store data, one such example would be Analysis Studio, specializing in statistical analysis and data mining. Working with the .data file extension is pretty simple and […]