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Flask File Uploading

Flask File Uploading – Create a Form in Python Flask to Upload Files

Welcome to this tutorial! Here we will learn how to upload files in Flask using HTML forms. Alrighty, my fellow coders, let’s get started! How to Upload Files using Python Flask? File uploading in Flask is an effortless task. The flow-schema is as follows: HTML Form to show the File upload interface Saving the uploaded […]

Flask Forms

Flask Forms – Accept User Input Using Flask Forms

Hey guys!! In this tutorial, we will look into Flask forms and how to create them. So let’s just dive into it right now! Basics of Flask Forms Forms are an essential part of web applications, right from the user authentication interface to survey forms we require them on our websites. A typical example of […]

Flask Templates

Flask Templates – Set up Templates in Python Flask

Hey Guys!! Welcome to another tutorial of our Flask series. In this article, we will learn about Templates in the Flask web framework and how to use them. So let’s get started! What are templates? Templates are the HTML, CSS, JS files that are used to display content on the website. Templates beautify the web […]

Flask Route

Flask Route – How to Perform URL Routing in Flask?

This article will deal with the Flask route to perform URL routing in Flask and then implement it in our flask application. So let’s get started!! What is URL Routing? URL routing is used to link a particular function (with the web page content) to its web page URL. When we hit an endpoint, the […]

Flask Vs Django

Flask Vs. Django – Quick comparison between Django and Flask

Holla guys!! In this article, we will encounter some of the primary differences between Flask and Django. So let’s get started!! What is Django? Django is an extensive web framework built with the idea of making the web development process simpler. It is an open-source python web development framework based on the MVT-Model View Template […]

Flask Hello World

Introduction to Flask – Install and Create a Hello World app in Flask

In this article, we will introduce the Flask web framework and how to install it. Later, we will code a simple Hello World App in Flask. What is the Flask Web Framework? Flask is a web framework written in Python, used to create web applications. It is a “micro” web framework, which means that it […]