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Beginners Python Programming Interview Questions

Python is a dynamically typed, general-purpose, garbage-collected, and high-level programming language that focuses on reader-friendly code with the use of indentation to make it this way. Python supports multiple paradigms like procedural (step-by-step), functional, and object-oriented programming. Python was created in 1991 by Guido von Rossum, and it was inspired by the name of Monty […]

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Python Data Science Questions

In this section, we will discuss what is Python, its history, origins, current version, salaries, and job roles in 2022 and then we will jump into important python programming questions. Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world in recent years. It is used across numerous devices in the whole

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NumPy Interview Questions: Prepare Yourself For Your Python Job Interview

NumPy is an open-sourced scientific numerical library in Python. It is fundamentally used to perform mathematical calculations involving matrices and arrays. It contains numerous mathematical functions which are essentially high level and these functions operate on arrays to provide outputs. NumPy was originally developed as Numeric, by Jim Hugunin along with several other developers as

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The functools Module in Python

In this article, we are going to look at an important functional pattern used in Python using the functools module. In programming, we often make use of higher-order functions. They are the functions that accept another function as a parameter and act upon it or return yet another function. Usually referred to as decorators in

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Pythonic Way of Writing Code

In most programming languages, we often come across a claim saying that it’s the most powerful language. Well, this statement seems to be more subjective and why is it so? This is because a program written in one language can be coded in another language. The syntax may vary from language to language, but there

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Implementing HashMaps in Python

Whenever we try to implement some kind of search logic through our data, we want it to be efficient. This may not be the case in small programs but with large applications with huge codebases, the searching, deletion, or modification time for running any kind of logic is supposed to be minimal. Dictionaries in Python

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