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Feature Img Python2 Python3

Python2 vs Python3 – A Brief Comparison

Hello learner! You must have heard about Python2 vs Python3 where some use the 2 versions but some the 3. Today let us know the difference between the two versions of Python. Major Differences Between Python2 vs Python3 Let’s get right into the differences of both Python 2.x and Python 3.x by understanding some of […]

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Armstrong Number in Python – Easy Implementation

Hello there! Today let us learn something Interesting, Armstrong Number. We would be understanding what the number is and then implement a program to check if a number is an Armstrong Number or not. What is an Armstrong Number? A number of n digits is an Armstrong number, if sum of each digit raised to […]

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How to clean data in Python?

Hey fellow learner! Today in this tutorial, we will be learning how to clean data in Python and why is it important. What is data cleaning? Data cleaning is a process where all of the data that needs to be passed into a database is cleaned by either updating or removing missing, inaccurate, incorrectly formatted, […]

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Python Plot: Create Animated Plots in Python

Till now you must have seen basic matplotlib plots, but the same matplotlib module can be used to have animated plots as well! Let’s see how to build the same! Importing necessary modules The table below shows each module and their requirement: Module Name Requirement Numpy module Used to create a dataset for the plotting. […]

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Python Tkinter: A Simple Email Slicer

Hello learner! Today we are going to build a simple Email Slicer using the tkinter module in Python. Before we begin the project let us know what an Email Slicer is. What is an Email Slicer? Email Slicer is a simple tool where the email address is provided as an input and as an output, […]

Rock Paper Scissors Feature Img

Building Rock Paper Scissors Game in Python!

Oh, hello again gaming coder! Today I will be guiding you on how to build a simple Rock Paper Scissors game all by yourself. Are you ready? Let us begin! Introduction to the Rock Paper Scissors Game Before building any new game, one needs to understand all about the game including its rules, inputs, and […]