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Flask Vs Django

Flask Vs. Django – Quick comparison between Django and Flask

Holla guys!! In this article, we will encounter some of the primary differences between Flask and Django. So let’s get started!! What is Django? Django is an extensive web framework built with the idea of making the web development process simpler. It is an open-source python web development framework based on the MVT-Model View Template […]

Tkinter GUI Widgets

Tkinter GUI Widgets – A Complete Reference

Welcome to this tutorial on tkinter GUI widgets. In this article, I will introduce you to all the Tkinter Widgets in brief and provide you with some simple code snippets to create the widgets. Towards the end of this article, you will be able to use all the code and build a mini-service using the […]

Flask Hello World

Introduction to Flask – Install and Create a Hello World app in Flask

In this article, we will introduce the Flask web framework and how to install it. Later, we will code a simple Hello World App in Flask. What is the Flask Web Framework? Flask is a web framework written in Python, used to create web applications. It is a “micro” web framework, which means that it […]

Menu Bar Using Tkinter

Menu and MenuButton using Tkinter

In this article, we will be talking about creating menu bar and menu button using Python and Tkinter. I will walk you through this article with an example. What is a Menubar? As we all must have used earlier in our laptops, application programs etc, a menu bar is a horizontal bar located at the […]

Tkinter Listbox And Option Menu

Tkinter Listbox and Option Menu – How to Use the Listbox and Option Menu Widgets?

Hey guys, welcome to this article on Tkinter Listbox and Option menu using Tkinter. I will walk you through some examples for the same. What is a Listbox? The Listbox widget in Tkinter is widely used to display a set of items to the user. The user can select from these items. We have the basic starter […]

Top 5 Python GUI Libraries

Top 5 Best Python GUI Libraries

In this article, we will go through the top 5 Python GUI libraries that you can use in your projects. Keep reading to find out about them. What is a GUI? A GUI or a graphical user interface is an interactive environment to take responses from users on various situations such as forms, documents, tests, […]