Learn Python and Get These Intriguing Job Opportunities

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Whether it is web development, app development, or any other software development, there are a lot of programming languages that programmers use. With time, the use of some programming languages has seen a massive boost. One of these languages is Python.

Python, unlike other programming languages, offers a relatively simple learning structure. Hence, it is easy for anyone to learn it, even a newbie in programming. The ease of use has made Python one of the most popular programming languages. You will be surprised to know that Python is an integral part of the backend programming of Google, Facebook, YouTube, and many other services.

In short, Python has the power to fetch you the top-paying jobs in the Industry. If you have a good hand on the demanding language, which will take you around 5-6 months, it will yield great results in the end for you. Maybe, this list will reassure you better!

1. Data Analyst

What if you get a spreadsheet of a million entries and are asked to create a bar graph based on that. It may take you a while to do it. However, if you know Python, you can do it within minutes. How?

Well, Python is way more than just simple addition or subtraction. The language is blessed with various innovative libraries like NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, Matplotlib, etc., that you can use to perform massive and tough mathematical calculations.

Businesses today are looking for professionals that can mine as well as analyze the data to generate valuable insights. Professionals like these are jewels to firms that aim to develop AI-based solutions and deliver state-of-the-art customer solutions.

2. Developer

As obvious as it is, if you are proficient in any programming language, you can anytime have this job. MNCs all around the world are looking for Python developers, and they are willing to pay big bucks if you possess the exact skillset.

As a developer, you will get a lot of exposure in Python development as compared to other programming languages. For instance, you get to optimize and execute data algorithms. The amount of coding will be less and less complicated. You can easily and swiftly build websites, solve data analytics issues, and implement security and data protection.

3. AI and Machine Learning Engineer

The overall market of AI stood at $62.35 billion in the year 2020. And it is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 40.2% from 2021 to 2028. It is clear proof that not just one but every industry sector is investing heavily in AI.

The fitness industry is providing all the services to their customers while they are at home. Medical apps are leveraging user data to curate health plans for them. Banking and other service providers are using AI-based chatbots for enhancing customer service and whatnot.

All these aspects show that AI is the next big thing, and you can be an integral part of it by learning Python to its core. Libraries like TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, and others will come in handy for you in developing neural networks.

4. Tutor

One awesome way to leverage any of your skills is to educate others about them. Learning Python may be advertised as a 1-month play, but it is not it. If you have tried to learn it, you would know. And, if you have a good hand in the programming language, it can open new door opportunities for you.

There are countless online platforms in the world that can help you get the best out of your knowledge. You can join these platforms as a tutor and showcase your skills. If not this, you can start your own YouTube channel, which is free and can make money. Instagram videos and reels are also a great way to present yourself.

Not only this, you can take up a job in a reputed college or university to leverage your skills.

5. R&D Engineer

Data analysis is the pathway to success for every company in the world. Today, there is no app or website that does not collect your data. The downside is that it triggers many privacy concerns, and users are always looking for ways to protect their activities. For one, they use a private browser or a VPN app to safeguard their activities. However, have you ever thought about why they do so? In some cases, the data collection might be unnecessary and intrusive. Nevertheless, data-driven analysis are what drives industries forward. 

Businesses use customer data for various purposes like ad targeting, R&D, creating customized products, etc. Business managers analyze the customer data to check if the product or service is performing well. How users shop and which web pages they visit are all that the R & D department does to get better insights and improve products by adding new features to them.

If you are fond of studying the market by juggling the data, Python is the language you need to explore.

Final Words

If we take a look at the various programming languages, the demand for Python is high. Moreover, most of the applications developed today related to AI and ML are backed by it. Hence, it is a great language to invest your time and money.