6 Programming Languages That’ll Dominate in 2021

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We live in quite unpredictable times, however, the programming industry is remaining quite stable and we already can see the programming trends of this year. Let’s take a closer look at the 6 programming languages that are most likely to dominate in 2021.

Let’s dive in!

6 Dominating Languages of 2021

Here in this section, we will be unveiling 6 programming languages that are in head-to-head competition over one another. They are in no particular order, so don’t fret if you see your favorite language listed below others.

1. Java

Oftentimes, it seems that Java is getting out of the main screen but the moment we take a look at the statistics, Java managed to grab the highest-ranking positions among all other languages. Just so you know, we have 8 million Java developers spread across the globe and this number alone is enough to figure out the rest about this programming language.

Below are some credible resources where you can learn Java development:

A gamified and interactive Java learning platform that features 1200+ tasks and a super active developers community. CodeGym are really easy to understand and with 500+ hours of practice sessions, you get what you really expect from the course created by high-qualified specialists.

CodeChef is another great learning portal that has been designed to cater to the needs of aspiring Java developers.

Pluralsight offers a rather packaged deal that is quite well-endowed with the courses on every topic of Java programming language. This platform is offering a practical approach for making you understand how to code in Java.

2. Python

The Redmonk rankings of Python are really exceptional. When it comes to the development of artificially intelligent systems, Python is the one that comes to mind and is definitely going to rock this year.

If you want to learn this programming language, go through the following resources to get started:

It is indeed a really resourceful Python learning portal that features sessions in which you can participate and develop the required skill set. If you get stuck somewhere, a huge community of over 500,000 developers is there to help you out.

This series of Python learning is out there to teach and test your abilities. If you choose to go with this platform, you will be given codes to guess the outputs, and this way, you will be working on your problem-solving skills all the time.

The motto of this platform is “Rocket science uses programming, but programming isn’t rocket science”! This online portal is well-endowed when it comes to Python-related stuff.

3. Kotlin

Otherwise known as the language of the JVM family, Kotlin is widely being used for Android programming and the common perception about this language is really positive. Especially with its ability to be operational in a variety of system environments, Kotlin is a really good blend of functional programming features and procedural ones.

Want to learn Kotlin? Consult the following resources:

If you already are a Java developer, learning Kotlin is as easy as eating a piece of pie! Wait till you get yourself enrolled in “Kotlin for Java Developers” course and you will see for yourself.

By now, you already know that Kotlin is somewhat related to Java. Keeping that in mind, this complete developer course will educate you about the thin lining that both languages have in between. Do get enrolled in this course if you want to make the most out of your programming career.

As the name indicates, this course starts educating you from the very fundamentals of Kotlin. You get to know about the basic structure, the constructs, loops, and variables leading up to the initial stages of advanced Kotlin.

4. Swift

A rapid increase in the demand of iOS mobile developers has skyrocketed the graphs of Swift language. It was basically introduced by Apple and you can master it to start a career as an iOS developer. Following are the resources which you utilize to get your hands on this language:

This course will enable you to master the art of creating apps having a connection with the domain of augmented reality by making you understand the Swift fundamentals. With Apple’s new ARKit framework, you will also learn how to employ AR with machine learning.

This course at Udemy is one of the hottest selling courses out there. This is a 3-in-1 packaged deal in which you will learn the design, development, and UI/UX of an iOS application.

It’s another great course that offers a great deal of learning the entire SDLC of an iOS application. Starting from the fundamentals leading up to the advanced knowledge, you will learn everything about the iOS framework paradigm and app development.

5. C/C++

Without a doubt, C/C++ are some of the oldest programming languages out there yet they never lost their credibility nor their usability. In fact, these both languages serve as the foundations of many advanced programming languages that reign today.

Here are some resources you can use to learn these languages:

  • Udemy: C and C++ Programming: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Kick-starting your learning process using this tutorial will help you in many ways because it starts right from the very basic code examples and finishes up way beyond data structures.

  • Udemy: C, C++, Java; A Programming MegaPrimer for Beginners

This is rather a mixed course which you should go for if you already have basic level knowledge of each of these languages. This course is full of interactive sessions where the instructor will involve you in active boot camps motivated towards learning.

  • Udemy: Mastering C++ Programming — From Zero to Hero

You need to take this course just since it is a calculated mixture of fundamentals, median concepts, and advanced data structures. All you need to do to keep your pace at this course is to stay vigilant during the teaching session.

6. JavaScript (JS)

Had there been an award for a language so versatile that it now covers both the backend and frontend, JS would have been the ultimate winner. JavaScript is killing it with its frontend frameworks including React, Vue.js, and Angular, and with the backend frameworks including Node.js and Electron.js!

Following resources are must-to-follow when learning JS is in the queue:

  • Udemy: Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

With a rating of 4.7 stars and having over 11,000 satisfied learners of JS, this course is undoubtedly one of the best out there. It has approximately 22 hours of on-demand videos available and over 100+ downloadables. With this course at hand, you can easily clear out your JS concepts and become an avid JS programmer.

  • Udemy: JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

This course has approximately 12 hours of on-demand video lectures and can be completed at self-pace. Furthermore, it also features 7 articles on the subject and 50+ resourceful downloadables. However, an added tip for you is, get enrollment in this course if you have an intermediate level of knowledge about JS and only then, it will benefit you.

  • Udemy: Advanced JavaScript Concepts

By now, we believe you are done with the basics and now you want to grasp more advanced concepts. The “Advanced JavaScript Concepts” course features 24 hours of on-demand video lectures, 24 downloadable articles on the subject, and other credible resources using which you can be a part of the esteemed learners’ community which is now progressing rapidly.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have listed the 6 programming languages that will dominate in 2021, we leave the decision of picking out the language of your choice, to you! Make the best decision and move on towards learning that language, start learning today!