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Python F String Function

Understanding Python f-string

String formatting in Python can be achieved using f-string. Thus, in this article, we will be focusing on the implementation of Python f-string. Necessity of f-string in Python Python f-string basically serves the purpose of string formatting. Before the emergence of “f-strings”, we had the following ways to format strings in Python: 1. Python ‘%’ […]

4 Ways To Append Multiple Python Strings

4 Easy Methods to Append Multiple Strings in Python

In this article we will be having a look at the different ways to interpolate and append multiple strings in Python. String interpolation involves an injection of string in a particular statement. Let’s get right into it! Technique 1: f-string to append multiple strings in Python Python f-string is also known as format-strings have proved […]

Python Bytearray() Function

Python bytearray() function

In this article, we will be having a look at one of the Python’s in-built function — Python bytearray() function. Understanding Python bytearray() function Python has in-built bytearray() method that creates an array of bytes and returns a bytearray object of the created array of the defined size by a particular iterable or a value. […]

Python Divmod() Function

How to use the Python divmod() function

In this article, we will be unveiling the working and use of Python divmod() function in detail. 1. Python divmod() function Python has an in-built divmod() function which performs division and modulus operation on the two input values. The divmod() function takes two values as arguments and performs division i.e. value1/value2 and modulus operation i.e. […]

3 Ways To Trim A Python String

3 ways to trim a String in Python

What do you mean by trimming a string and how can you trim a string in Python? When you remove the whitespace around strings of text, in technical terms we call it trimming a string. In this article, we’ll cover 3 methods to trim a string in Python. Technique 1: The strip() to Trim a […]

4 Ways To Check For The Equality Of Python Strings

String Equals Check in Python – 4 Easy Ways

In this article, we will be having a look at the different ways to perform a string equals check in Python. String comparison is basically the comparison of two strings i.e. it the procedure through which we check for the equality of strings by comparing the strings character-by-character. Technique 1: Python ‘==’ operator to check […]