Snehal Gokhale

What Is Carry Over Effect In Python?

The carryover effect is nothing but the influence of previous conditions/ results on the next results for long periods and outcomes. There is no specific terminology for the carry-over effect in Python. Different fields like data analysis show this effect during the implementations of some models. This term of carry-over effect is related to the field of […]

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What Is GARCH Model In Python?

The domain of finance and economics uses the GARCH model frequently. The GARCH model is a time series model that helps in the analysis of different data points collected over certain periods. The GARCH model is a time series model. This model is trendy because it calculates the correlation between the data points, some underlying patterns, and

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Introduction To Linear Algebra

Linear algebra, a sub-branch of mathematics, mainly engages the study of linear equations, vector operations, and matrices. This includes the study of introductory concepts like linear transformations, matrices, determinants, Eigenvalues, and vectors. We all know the significance of linear algebra in different fields like machine learning, deep learning models, physics, and mathematics problems. This article

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Grid Search: Maximizing Model Performance

Grid search is one of the well-known techniques used to maximize the implementation of machine learning models. This grid search model falls under the hyperparameter tuning approach. The performance of any machine learning model is measured by the accuracy of its predictions. Model performance is fundamentally generalizing the accuracy of predictions from training data to the real-world

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Eigenvalue Decomposition In Python

Eigenvalue decomposition plays a very vital role in easing the complexity of the matrix in the Linear Algebra field. The square matrix is broken down into simple components, i.e., eigenvalues and their eigenvectors. In different machine learning and deep learning models, we need to deal with the square matrix. This matrix needs to be sorted,

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