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Python Locals

Using the Python locals() function

Today, we’ll be looking at using the Python locals() function. This is yet another utility function which is quite useful for debugging your program. The locals() function gives us the current local symbol table, as a dictionary. Now, if you’re unsure as to what exactly a local symbol table is, keep reading. Let’s go step […]


Using the Python getattr() function

Hello again! In today’s article, we’ll be looking at the Python getattr() function in Python. This function tries to get the attribute of a Python object. This is very similar to the setattr() function, but it does not modify the object. Let’s find out how we can put this function to use, using some simple […]


Tkinter TreeView Widget

Hello again! As a part of our Tkinter tutorial series, today’s post will cover the TreeView widget. The TreeView widget is very useful if you want to display a hierarchy of items, with all attributes listed side by side. For example, if you want to construct an application which looks like the Windows File Explorer, […]

Python Iter

How to Use the Python iter() Method?

In this article, we’ll take a look at using the Python iter() function. Often, we may want to use iterators, which is an object which itself loads Python objects. But, as opposed to an array or a list, an iterator simply loads objects only as and when required. This is called lazy-loading, or stream-based loading. […]

Python Wait

How to Wait for a Specific Time in Python?

Hello everyone! In this post, we’ll look at how we can wait for a specific time in Python. This is particularly important when you have certain events or tasks scheduled after a specific period of time. Python offers us different ways to do this. So let’s look at all the approaches that we can use: […]

Keylogger Python

Implementing a KeyLogger in Python

Hello everyone! In today’s post, we’ll be doing something exciting – building a KeyLogger in Python! Have you ever wanted to monitor your keyboard and look at the your typing history and analyze how you type? Well, the starting step is to build a keyboard monitoring tool – or a KeyLogger! While you may very […]