Built-in Methods

Circular Dependencies in Python

In python, it is possible to import one module or class from inside another. A circular dependency is created when one module is imported from another(directly or indirectly). Circular dependencies cause recursion, leading to infinite looping, failures, tight coupling, and many other problems. The function call keeps on repeating and creates an infinite loop. When …

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Map() vs Filter() Function in Python

Built-in functions are used to solve many complex problems easily. Let’s see the details of the map() vs filter() functions. Programming languages are used in solving very complex mathematical problems. We always need some functions to solve them. There are pre-defined functions available to solve this issue. These functions are referred to as built-in functions. …

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What is the Python __slots__ function?

Hello readers, this article will help you to understand what __slots__, their advantages, disadvantages, and usage. What are __slots__? It is used in class and object implementation programs.  __slots__ is a class variable that is usually assigned a sequence of strings that are variable names used by instances. The primary goal of using __slots__ is for …

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