Software That Blocks Gambling Sites

Software That Blocks Gambling Sites

Limiting access to certain online services or sites is possible via blocking software programs. This software can be installed on all devices and blocks access to services and websites irrespective of how many accounts are created on the device. This is a very handy tool when it comes to fighting gambling addiction.

There are two main types of blocking software. One is software that specializes only in blocking gambling activities and the other one is more general in character. It can be used for blocking any site in general like establishing parental control. There are multiple software applications that perform exceptionally well for limiting access across targeted websites or applications or other services. 


Gamstop is one of the most popular software used by gamblers for self-blocking. One can participate in the self-exclusion scheme by Gamstop which is controlled by The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited which is a nonprofit body. 

Gamstop restricts access to online gambling in the UK and is free of charge. Gamstop extends to Northern Ireland and Great Britain. All licensed UK casinos have restricted access once a user registers with Gamstop. However, access to no GamStop online casinos available in the United Kingdom is available across various portals. Therefore, you can find some additional applications that can close this gap.


The most prominent quality of BetBlocker is that it is not limited to any particular nation. It blocks gambling sites from around the world and operates free of charge. It can be installed on any device as per choice and self-block for a particular period of time. It is important to know that unless the restriction period ends, it cannot be cancelled.

Apart from blocking gambling platforms, this software has also incorporated Parental Controls. So, it can be used for blocking general software as well. BetBlocker has collaborated with the National Self Exclusion Schemes available worldwide. This offers a strong blocking tool that would resist the temptation of gambling and maintain a commitment to oneself. 


If a punter wants to gain access to blocking multiple bookies online, Gamban is always a preferred option. In 2018, research was funded by GambleAware for measuring the efficacy of multiple blocking software. Gamban was the smartest and most effective of the lot and can be accessed for free through any GamCare network.

Gamban started off in 2015 and the team consists of professionals who have had experience in handling gambling addiction cases. Today it is one of the easiest and most popular ways to implement gambling blocking software and its idea is super simple. Gamban is made of a brilliant and smart group of tech professionals who make Gamban accessible through cross-platform devices. Rapid installation of the software is available and is easy to access too. Gamban also offers advice and support through live sessions which helps in coping with the situation better. 


NetNanny is a prominent blocking software when Parental Control exercising comes into context. Created and founded in 1993, it has been around for two decades and internet filtering was first made available by this software.

NetNanny started off in Vancouver and later shifted its headquarters to Bellevue, Washington in 2000. This majorly resolved issues of misuse of the internet and unwanted popping up of content. Blocking unwanted applications and websites, detecting the location of a child, viewing search history online, and creating a time limit for usage of certain applications and the internet are effective uses of NetNanny. 


GamBlock was founded in 2000 and started its journey as software that was used to block underage gambling among children. It prevented all sorts of online gambling practices in workplaces and schools. Gamblock has currently been helping gamblers to cope with the consequences of gambling addiction.

It is swift at blocking new betting sites and services, unlike other software which usually requires a certain amount of time. Users can now gain even multiple licenses. GamBlock is currently modifying its features to bring about stronger security and diagnostic abilities. 


Blocking software is indeed the best strategy that can be implemented for stopping oneself from indulging in gambling or gaming mainly. But before implementation, you need to learn and understand how does it work, one of the best ways is through online courses that will help you to understand how their share data, use technologies, and many other features of the programming environment. In the case of gambling addiction, punters usually end up with strained relationships and huge debts. These consequences are quite complicated to deal with and need an ample amount of time. 

Therefore, self-blocking with the help of these top-notch programs is the best way to get out of such addictions in the long run. They are efficient in nature and can be country-specific. However, other software can block sites from across the globe. Players and operators outside the UK do not have to abide by Gamstop or UKGC restrictions. Instead, they use self-exclusion requirements and schemes in their jurisdictions. On the other hand, Betfilter, Gamblock, and other Gamstop alternatives mentioned above can block access to all gambling material, both in the UK as well as offshore.