GamStop And Personal Data Sharing

Gamstop Personal Data

GamStop which was founded in 2018 by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) under the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme (NOSES) is a self-exclusion scheme meant to ban users from gambling apps and sites by obstructing access to these gambling sites and apps. This scheme was started as a welfare service to help gambling addicts recover from compulsive gambling and for preventing people from becoming compulsive gamblers. 

GamStop requires the personal information of the user for registration including identity proof, address and employment proof, and contact information. Many users hesitate to give out their personal information to GamStop because they are afraid that their personal information may get leaked. To be honest, some UK players prefer casinos not on GamStop where there is no chance of data leak. Hence, data on who gets access to their personal details are required by the users. The list here gives the complete account of who gets access to the data in GamStop.

Service Providers

Service Providers

GamStop has partnered with multiple service providers who arrange for the best resource to be given to users through its applications. Therefore, they need access to the personal information of users. The list of GamStop service providers who need the users’ personal information is:

  • The Data Shed ( they handle IT, development, and software delivery services)
  • SendInBlue ( email service providers)
  • AWS (cloud service providers)
  • TransUnion ( providers that verify the identity of users)
  • Onfido (providers that verify the identity of users)
  • Fetchify (a provider that looks up addresses of users)
  • Connect Assist (consumer service provider)
  • Zendesk (case management service providers)
  • Microsoft (software provider)
  • Nexus IT (IT support provider)
  • Citrix ( looks into security issues and sharing of sensitive information)

Gambling Operators

The data is also disclosed to gambling operators. GamStop allows gambling operators to gain information for the verification of the identity of users who may be trying to get to use gambling sites. The gambling operators check whether someone registered with GamStop tries to get entry into the online casinos. The gambling operators also check whether any player has been previously registered with GamStop in the period of 7 years and give this detail to GamStop. 

According to Gamstop Terms Of Use, if a user has reached the end of the self-exclusion term and they want to deactivate the scheme after completing the term, the gambling operators will be able to match the user for using GamStop for a length of 7 years from deactivation. Users can also contact the gambling operators in case they have any queries to resolve.

Gambling Commission


Since GamStop was founded by the UKGC for welfare and awareness, the Gambling Commission can ask for personal information from GamStop if they are obligated to do so. They need the details to ensure smooth operation and upkeeping regulations of the scheme. It also gives the Gambling Commission an idea about the functionality of GamStop.


Some cases are used for the case studies in research and the details of the user may be needed for further study. In such cases, special permission is asked from the users and clear consent is taken before disclosing their personal details. 


Gamcare is another awareness scheme that runs the National Gambling Helpline and offers support to compulsive gamblers and their families. Data related to users can only be revealed if the users give their clear consent to it.

Legal Rights and Obligations

A law, a governmental body, or a court order may require GamStop to report the information related to users. This unveiling may be compulsory in order for certain kinds of justification on the basis of the defence of legal claims. 

Corporate Reorganisation

In case, if GamStop tool is met with the aspect of reorganization or sale, they would be required to reveal the GamStop data to new organizers, appropriators, and their instructors. GamStop would only agree to give out details on the grounds of strict confidence and trust. GamStop places great importance on the privacy of users and maintains their privacy policy faithfully so in case they have to hand over details to such acquirers they will opt for legal protection in order to maintain the promise of safeguarding account information and stick to their rules of the privacy policy. 


A licensed gambling operator may be based outside of the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA). In that case, GamStop may transfer a user’s personal information to these overseas operators for the service, protected by contractual clauses. 


Gamstop is a self-exclusion service that has helped thousands of people to recover from gambling addiction and financial and mental drain arising from gambling addiction. Apart from that, GamStop has helped prevent the development of unsafe gambling habits by restricting the excessive use of sites and apps. Gamstop also maintains a very strict privacy policy that bars infringement of privacy of users. Apart from the obligatory disclosure of information for the maintenance of service, GamStop firmly believes in protecting sensitive information about users according to their policy.