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Connect Four Game in Python

Before starting off, let us first understand what connect Four game actually is. Connect4 game is also known as Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Captain’s Mistress, Four in a Row, Drop Four, and Gravitrips in the Soviet Union. It is a two-player connection board game, in which the players choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs into a seven-column, six-row […]


GUI Dice Roll Simulation using Python

Let’s create a dice roll simulation code using the Python tkinter library. We all love playing board games like snakes and ladders, ludo our utmost favorite one. But what if you don’t have a dice or you lost it somewhere. It’s a major mood off for everyone who is excited to play along. But what […]


How to Build a GUI Calculator using Tkinter in Python?

In this article today we will learn how to create a simple GUI calculator using Tkinter. We will understand the entire code step by step. Getting started with our GUI Calculator using Tkinter Before we start out, make sure you have the Tkinter library installed for Python. Tkinter is the standard GUI library for Python Programming language. When […]

Pdf Txt

Convert PDF to TXT file using Python

In this article, we’re going to create an easy python script that will help us convert pdf to txt file. You have various applications that you can download and use for pdf to txt file conversion. There are a lot of online applications too available for this purpose but how cool would it be, if […]


Spell Checker in Python

A spell checker in Python is a software feature that checks for misspellings in a text. Spell checking features are often embedded in software or services, such as a word processor, email client, electronic dictionary or search engine. Building a spell checker in Python Let’s get started with building our spelling checker tool! 1. Importing […]


Digital Clock in Python Using 2 Easy Modules

Today we’re going learn how to create a Simple Digital Clock using Python in a few lines of code. For building this Clock up we will require the tkinter and time module. Requirements for building a Digital Clock in Python First, we need to install the Tkinter module. If you don’t have this module already […]