Python Course – lambda functions

Lambda functions are also called anonymous functions. An anonymous function is a function defined without a name. It can take any number of arguments. The scope of this function is limited to that defined scope only.

Python Course – Numbers

In Python Numbers stores the numeric values. Numbers are immutable data types and assigns a new location if you change the value. Immutable objects can’t change their state, value or content.

Python Course – return statement

Python return statement is used in functions to return certain value to the arguments of function. The lines after the return statements are not executed.  

Python Course – while loop

In Python while loop is used when a certain block is to be executed until the condition in while statement is true. A loop become infinite if the condition never becomes false.

Python Course – if-else statement

In Python decisions are made with if statements also called as selection statement. The if block statements are executed if the conditions are ‘true’. In case of false condition, the else block is executed.

Python Course – for loop

Python for loop is used for iteration of a sequence. for loop continues the iteration till the sequence is ended.

Python Course – continue statement

In Python continue keyword skips that loop iteration and move on with the next line of iteration. It doesn’t end the loop but skips that particular condition or line of code.