What To Do If GamStop App Stopped Working?

Gamstop Not Working What To Do

The United Kingdom always takes an initiative to promote a safer and more responsible gambling experience since the industry has grown. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has imposed stricter laws for the same and apart from this, multiple schemes were launched to impose a ban on players from UK licensed casino platforms. Gamstop has been one of the most popular self-exclusion schemes to limit gambling addicts’ access to online gambling sites based in the UK. 

Sometimes self-exclusion may not work because of the usage of online casinos not on GamStop by British punters or any other reason. Released in 2018, Gamstop is run by the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited which is a nonprofit organization. The self-exclusion period offered by Gamstop ranges from 6 months, a year, or 5 years depending upon the customer’s choice. However, if Gamstop stops working, there are prominent solutions to it as well.

Trying Out Gamban


Gamban is another top-rated application that prevents vulnerable gamblers from accessing gambling platforms. Launched in 2015 by GambleAware, Gamban has a good reputation for being one of the effective solutions for blocking online casinos. Its service aims to support and help the punters who need assistance due to their obsessive gambling tendencies. GambleAware is an independent charity that helps in the reduction of problems related to gambling in the UK. 

The organization looks after treatment, education, funding, and research services associated with UK gambling. Punters who are willing to come out of their gambling obsession are required to install the application as it works on all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. After installation of the application, the customers will lose access to the websites they have chosen to look away from. 

Trying Out Internal Limits Of The Operator

Internal limits of Operator is one of the services that has collaborated with Gamstop. The main aim of Gamstop is to allow punters to prevent gambling tendencies by banning themselves from online casino operators. Since this scheme helps gamblers to exclude themselves from operators of their choice, there has been cooperation with other organisations like Internal Limits of Operator. 

Hence, it is also a solution if Gamstop stops working. The services that they provide are similar to that of Gamstop and both provide effective solutions to ban gamblers from multiple gambling platforms. Choosing Internal Limits of Operator enables customers to ditch their gambling problems over time. Since this solution is paired with the gambler’s support, customers who download the application are prevented from problem gambling. 

Trying Out BetBlocker


BetBlocker was developed and founded by ThePOGG.com in 2019  and is an application that helps punters to block themselves from gambling platforms. POGG.com is a service that is created for reviewing online casinos and recommending the best ones for punters. The solution was released for reducing gambling-related problems in the UK and to encourage responsible gambling. 

BetBlocker is similar to Gamstop and is ideal for punters who want to ban themselves from obsessive gambling. BetBlocker application can be downloaded using Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. After downloading the application, the player has to choose the period of time they want to be excluded and the application prohibits them from accessing operators of their choice. BetBlocker has cooperated with multiple gambling operators and customers are offered a wide choice regarding gambling platforms. 

Looking Out For Gamstop Support 

If Gamstop stops working, another solution can be to ask the service’s support for help. Gamstop is available round the clock and is reachable through phone, email, and live chat. Since Gamstop prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers, a skilled and trained team is always available to support customers. The solutions they provide are legitimate and worth consideration as well. The customer service can be contacted by the helpline phone number on (800) 883-8895 and (866) 323-2321 which are available 24*7. The FAQ section also offers answers to a lot of common questions that provide adequate information about Gamstop. It clarifies the majority of doubts of customers.


Gamstop is an application that restricts punters to access UK licensed casinos to reduce gambling harm. If GamStop workflow is broken, other solutions such as GamCare exist. Gamcare has been existing for more than 20 years and this independent charity looks after responsible gambling by all means for the prevention of gambling addiction. 

The National Gambling Helpline operates GamCare and comes with 3 main responsibilities offering public education and prevention, supporting gamblers who need help, and working with gambling operators. The counseling service of this organization is effective since it has been around for many years and helps in clarifying issues and answering queries. GamCare resembles GamStop in terms of player protection and thus, customers can contact its support service if GamStop is unreachable.