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Deploying Your Machine Learning Models Using Flask

Deploy ML models using Flask

In this article, we discuss how we can deploy ML models using Flask. This article assumes no prior knowledge of the Flask library. What is Deployment? Deployment in very simplified terms means making your code available for use of end-users. Let us take an example here. You design an app that you believe can be […]

Flask Extensions

Flask Extensions – What are Extensions and How to Install them?

In this article, we will discuss some of the essential Flask Extensions. These extensions are convenient and easy to use. So let’s look into them !! Why do we need Flask extensions? As we know, Flask is a micro-web framework since its core functions only include Werkzueg based WSGI, routing, and Jinja2-based Template Engine. It […]

Flask Deployment

Deploy Flask App on VPS

In this article, we will deploy Flask Application onto a Virtual Private Server (VPS) using Apache Webserver Software and mod_wsgi WSGI. What is VPS? VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server, is a virtual machine sold as a service by various hosting companies. You can think of it similar to laptop CPU hardware but in […]

Flask User Authentication

Flask User Authentication – How to Setup User Login in Flask?

In this article, we will code Flask user authentication using the Flask-Login Library and SQLAlchemy. So let’s get started! Nowadays, almost all the websites have user authentication systems coded into them. We can set-up an account with user authentication either directly or via a third-party like Google, Facebook. Apple etc. A typical user login page […]

Flask Sessions

Flask Sessions – Setting User Sessions in Flask

In this tutorial, we will deal with Flask sessions and use them in the Flask Web Application. So let’s get started. What are Sessions in Flask? Sessions function similar to Flask cookies except that these are stored on the server. A Session is basically the time duration for which the user was logged in the […]

Flask Cookies

Flask Cookies – Setting Cookies on Web Applications

In this tutorial, we will deal with Flask cookies and use them in the Flask Web Application. So buckle up, and let’s get started. What are Cookies? Cookies or better, HTTP Cookies are text files, stored on the Client Machine. Each cookie can be stored permanently or for a specific expiry time based on the […]